• Unitary Patent challenged at the Belgian Constitutional Court: ESOMA and iMatix has filed an appeal against the Unitary Patent ratification by Belgium at the Constitutional Court. Equality of languages, seperation of powers, and the irresponsability of the EPO in front of courts are vilolating the Belgian Constitution. A central patent court will become the single point of failure to validate software patents Europe-wide. Small Software companies cannot afford to go to court or pay damages. (02 Apr 2015 08:27)
  • Esoma position paper on EECMA proposal: Comments on the Commission proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and the Council establishing the European Electronic Communications Market Authority. Com(2007) 699 PDF(EN) – 2007/0249/COD, responsible ITRE (Del Castillo Vera Pilar) (29 Apr 2008 08:53)
  • Esoma in Africa and Latin America: During the campaign against Office Open XML, Esoma helped African and Latin American teams in their work to build a proper standard policy. (05 Oct 2007 11:49)
  • Esoma asbl founded by FFII expert group: On 25 January, FFII president Hintjens together with Henrion, Barrionuevo García, Vuorio, and Combes sign the Esoma statutes of association and create Esoma asbl. (16 Feb 2007 16:22)
  • ESOMA workgroup started: FFII starts the ESOMA workgroup to organise and implement the vision of a new industry association aimed specifically at the independent IT market. (15 Dec 2006 11:29)


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