Job tenders

Esoma is hiring

For our Brussels office :

1) Coordinator / Lead: able to organize and motivate a team, work remotely, experience of community building via internet, wikis, good writing skills, able to manage complex and short-term problems.

2) Policy analyst: able to research and understand complex issues including legislative proposals; good communication skills, experience in IT sector legislative issues, especially patents, copyright, trademarks.

3) Public affairs consultant: able to debate complex subjects, in informal and formal settings; excellent English plus one or two other languages; good personal presentation, charisma; experience in European institutions a plus.

4) Standards analyst: experience with development and/or deployment of open standards, good communicator able to motivate a community with news and analysis about standards processes.

5) Legal writer: excellent writing skills in two or more languages; ability to draft legislative-quality texts on technical issues; knowledge of modern wiki techniques.

Please send a CV in ODF or PDF format to gro.amose|ksed#gro.amose|ksed showing :

  • personal & contact information
  • project portfolio and other relevant experience
  • short essay on "freedom of information infrastructure" (2 page max.)